Thinking outside the box.
Creative works from Davenport, Florida

Bonnie Liss

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I was lucky enough to be born into a very creative family. My grandfather was a creative tailor and painter, my mother is a very talented painter and sculptor and art teacher and my father was creative thinker and businessman, always thinking outside the box. I was encouraged from a very early age to pursue my interest in art. I won school-wide and state-wide AAA Safety Poster Contests every year from Grades 2-6. I went to oil painting classes after school and on weekends. At North Miami Beach Beach Senior High School I had a fantastic art teacher, Norma Roitstein (now Norma Jane) that taught me the importance of composition and introduced me to contour drawing, figure drawing and printmaking. 



Richard Lee Pierce

Richard L. Pierce